Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Years Sale!

It has been a wonderful year here at Yummy Treasures! We have grown. We have met some great people! We have had lots of GREAT customers! And our grandson Nathan was born. What more could you ask for? Because of this, Beth and I have decided to run a New Years Sale. 10% off EVERYTHING in the shop on ETSY and Artfire.* (Coupon Code: YT2012) Just our way of saying how much we appreciate your business and friendship! Happy New Years and Happy Hunting! -Beth & Greg

*Offer only good on merchandise and does not include shipping. Cannot be combined with any other offer. (Sorry.... I have to say that...)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

To all our wonderful customers,
It's been a another crazy year here at Yummy Treasures. We've added lots of unique items. (Both Vintage and new.) We've worked hard to put together a great team for assuring orders are shipped out FAST. Plus, we have BIG plans in store for 2012!

But at this time, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! With best wishes for a great New Year! May the coming year bring you and your family much happiness and good fortune.

Beth & Greg

Friday, June 17, 2011

Czech This Out!

We are definitely addicts for cool stuff at Yummy Treasures. While we tend to focus on scrounging the planet for great Vintage beads and cabochons. We are not adverse to beautiful NEW stuff. As you can see from the previous post, we are now offering Gold and Silver plated brass findings.
NOW, we have been able to source from a small European producer... GENUINE Czech Chain. That's right... CHAIN!!! We are so excited. We have many different colors, sizes, and finishes of Czech chain. Over the next couple weeks we will be listing lots of options on ETSY and Artfire.
We are also working hard on sourcing Czech drops and connectors.
It doesn't get any better than this! We hope you will find this chain as fun and fabulous as we do!
Happy Hunting!
-Beth & Greg

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi Ho Silver!

Over the last couple years many of our customers have asked if we carried any of our items in any other finish than raw brass. Unfortunately, outside of a couple items, we had to answer no. (We hate the word no!) But we can now answer YES! We have begun carrying a variety of set stones, settings, and flat pads in Silver. Gold will arrive shortly. It is a line of items that we hope will grow over time. Giving our customers lots of great options when putting together their wonderful creations!

As a side note, all our Brass is Made in the USA. and is Nickel free. No cheap imitations here at Yummy Treasures. Only the real deal!

Happy Hunting!
Beth & Greg

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gummi Bears

Ahhhh.... Gummi Bears! Yummy indeed! We have been working on getting Gummi Bears for over a year! We had a couple colors a year ago but they sold out FAST! So we went searching and finally found some GREAT Gummies! The detail is fantastic. Almost good enough to eat. (But please don't...) We were able to get seven delicious colors. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It has been a wonderful and fast 2009 here at Yummy Treasures. The year has flown by at an incredible pace. We are amazed at how hast our business has grown. We truly believe it is because we have searched out some really great quality vintage items. Sold them at a fair price. And delivered them FAST to people all over the world.

And we know that we have succeeded at some level because of all the fantastic customers we have interacted with over the last year. We are grateful and humbled for the trust you have put in Yummy Treasures this year and look forward to 2010 with great anticipation.

As you celebrate the holidays with family and friends, we hope that they are joyous and blessed and that you have a great 2010!

Happy Holidays!
Beth & Greg

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One thing that has become really enjoyable about what Beth and I do, is that we meet some really great people. People that have been in the jewelry business for many years. Their stories of traveling around the world to visit designers and manufacturers are just great! One person we met this summer told us of visiting small manufacturers in Italy and Germany. Many of whom are no longer in business. They were often small family businesses and once the patriarch died, the business died with them. Really a shame, because the craftsmanship that came out of these little shops will never be seen again. We saw some of these great beads, settings, and cabochons. We just fell in love with the colors and shapes and quality. We knew we had to take the plunge and buy some because we weren't sure we would see such great vintage items again.

The person we talked to also talked of supplying many of the great costume jewelry designers of the last 30 years. It was so wild to listen about how demanding and detailed these designers were. How they would request certain colors and shapes. The process of filling these orders. Fascinating! One design house that this person supplied was the Les Bernard Company. One of the great costume jewelry makers of the last half century.

What we didn't know was that we purchased some of the components that he supplied to Les Bernard. After we returned home we were searching the web for information on Les Bernard and low and behold we see this picture... If you will notice the grid on the necklace, it matches the grid at the top of this post. Not only do we have that grid... we have many more shapes and sizes.

For Beth and I, this isn't a matter of name dropping. It's a matter of history. Beth has always loved old beads. I have always loved history. And when you get the chance to match vintage beads with interesting history... you have a great story!

Happy treasure hunting!