Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Buying Trips

In my previous post I mentioned that we found some really great items over our Summer buying trips. The items from the 70's and 80's are of such great quality. The colors are dynamic. The styles are funky, retro, and yet classic. Most were made for very discerning customers. The problem for Beth and I is that an internet shop doesn't afford our customers the opportunity to see and touch these beads, pendants, settings, and cabochons. We KNOW that once people get these items in their hands, they will LOVE them!

Beth is the bead person in the family. She is the one who found these Yummy Treasures. But in all honesty, when I saw these items I was amazed.

For example, these channel set beads are gorgeous. They were made in Japan. They are plastic/lucite, but unless you are real close, you would swear they are glass. They just shine! So far, we only have the rectangles listed for sale on Etsy. But we also have square, round, and oval in these channel set beads.

Ahhh... just not enough hours in the day! -Greg

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